How to bypass iCloud activation Lock on any Apple device?

Doulci Activator is an iCloud bypass tool to regain the access to your iCloud account even if you forgot your password. For those having an iPhone with an iCloud activation locked, they can try out Doulci so that they can get back their lost data. Before the invention of this tool that works online, it was impossible to access your account with any Apple product like iPhone, iPad etc.

How to do that?

So, first off, you need to make sure you are no way able to get it unlocked. Then, instead of throwing it away or selling its parts at nominal rates, you have the option of using Doulci which is a free tool to help you fix the issue with your iDevice.

You probably think Doulci might be a complicated tool but that’s not the case, it is simple and user-friendly, what you just need to have is your username without a password. This tool can vouch for the fact that you have regained the lost access to your iDevice and that you no longer feel like throwing it away. And you can fix this issue without the forgotten valid password. So, how to get started? Just download Doulci & follow a few easy to follow steps. Let’s get started then!

How to get started?

Well, Doulci for iOS 8 is best for so many kinds of products from Apple such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 including iPads with different models. It’s obvious that it is possible to unlock these devices built-in iOS7 as well as iOs7.1. All the devices mentioned above can be used again on a permanent basis. There’s no long wait between the download and the use. Just download Doulci and start using it instantly by connecting your iDevice mode to the PC. Choose the suitable model and the tool will start doing the job for you.

Just a matter of half an hour

The entire downloading duration is just a matter of maximally half an hour since the reboot process for your iDevice is automatic. It’s nice to see that the iCloud Activation Lock is no longer there, therefore it is now possible for you to reset your iDevice all over again.

An excellent formula for Android apps to run on your PC

There’s no doubt that it is not possible to run the Android apps on your PC or Laptop. But it is not possible through the bluestacks download program. Of course, all the Android apps are only designed to work on the Android phones. On this account, they don’t work on anywhere else such as your PCs and other devices.

Enjoying games as well

Bluestacks product isn’t all about the Android apps. You can also enjoy android games on your PC. And of course, it is not possible without Bluestacks.

The way it works on different systems

It works in different ways on different systems. Therefore, it’s possible that the app behaves in such as way that seems strange to you. In such a situation, you don’t need to get worried.

In some cases, it so happens that; it may look differently. In fact, it is easily adjustable software. Instead of thinking what to do, all you need to do is nothing but get updates once in a while and the issue will be resolved.

Don’t prevent your PC from a reboot action

Some people don’t allow their PCs for a reboot action and complain that it is working well. Therefore, we recommend you to allow your system for a reboot once you have completed the installation process. After the reboot action, you will need to log in to your Gmail account. But don’t forget to use the same Gmail account you use for your Android app as it is mandatory. If you give another email, it won’t work.

Bluestacks homepage

After doing all the above, the time comes for the BlueStacks homepage to appear. It will be visible on your screen once you’ve successfully logged in. Through this homepage, you will be able to launch Android applications on your desktop.

The user interface differentiation

There won’t be much more difference from your smartphone. If you are able to notice a difference from the Windows platform, it’ll be slight. No matter, you can easily navigate the functionalities of the app.

Important points to keep in mind

A few are important points to bear in mind. Above all, you need to give Google account. It must be the same that you use to access Android play store. You can see how bluestacks can work to your advantage with a nag without a hitch. If you fail to understand something, please feel free to contact us.