What are silent auction forms?

Silent auction forms comprise the name of an organization or an event for which the finance is being raised, description of an item that needs to be auctioned, expected fair market value of an item, bidding increments, minimum bid and space for the bidder to properly place his bid. Bidders have to specify their names along with the bid amount in their silent auction forms legibly so that they won’t hard time for the reviewer who is reviewing the bidding. A manager carefully reviews each and every form so if you fail to get make it legible, he can cancel the form and you might lose the bid in that case. Always remember the thing that needs to be added what a person is customizing silent auction forms.

  • Name of an organization that must be specified on the top of that form
  • A textbox must be given to the bidder so that he can keep his record for reference
  • Space that needs to be included in the full name of a bidder should be left
  • Telephone number and Email address are mandatory
  • Space for filling the apartment number, name, city, state along with the zip code should be given
  • The auctioneer must also specify the name of an item along with the number of silent auction forms and the bidder has to quote the bid in given column.

The famous silent auction forms assist in raising an additional number of funds; however, they must be properly prepared. If you don’t have any experiencing in designing forms, you can download different templates and documents that are available online. An online form can also save time and assist you in avoiding any mistakes that might be done if you are managing the record manually. You can thus concentrate full attention on few other crucial things such as how to increase money or how to make everybody entertained in such event.

Silent auction forms that are being used for donations need to comprise the name, email ID, address and website of the donor. So that the event management can know who has donated the amount to them. However, if you look for silent auction forms online you would see that such forms already have the field and these are highlighted to show the importance of these fields.