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Learn the Real Truth behind the Ear Stretching Rumor

There are several questions that people have in regards to ear stretching. We have compiled a list of some of these questions and provided appropriate solution towards them. This will help you in efficient execution of the procedure.

What factors are responsible for bringing the ear shape back to normal size post stretching?

Based on the ear stretching technique, use of different skin lubricants, along with skin elasticity techniques would greatly help in stretching the ear and return it back to its normal size.

Is silicon plugs advised for ear stretching?

Though silicon is easiest and painless means to stretch your ear, it is not recommended. This is because stretching using silicon can cause some infection in the interior of the ear that would require silicone healing post a stretch.

For how time one should wait when ears have got stretched?

To get rid of infections and blowouts, one should wait till the earlobe heals from the earlier stretch before moving onto the next stretch. Not waiting for it to get efficiently healed can cause trauma to the impacted area.

Are tapers, spirals and crescents, the best jewelry pieces to stretch your ears?

Though the use of these jewelry pieces has been a common practice, they are not advisable for ear stretching as it can lead to irreversible damages like blowouts. Use of straight and non-threaded jewelry pieces such as plugs and tunnels can be the best option to accomplish the task. Ensure to lubricate the jewelry piece well before using it.

How to lessen the pain and numbness of the ear associated with the stretching process?

There are several safe and reliable ways that you can try out to reduce pain and discomfort associated with the treatment of ear stretching. Some of these lubricants are Jojoba oil, Karanja oil, Soy Butter etc. These oils are the best blend of natural moisturizers and emollients that calm your skin and possess powerful skin healing properties to relieve one from a myriad of skin problems.

Getting proper knowledge about a technique from trusted sources get you desired benefits devoid of side effects.