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Tips For Big And Small Donors To Avert Troubles While Giving

You can make errors, while giving a donation. You can possibly pick an organization without conducting a research to find later that they sold your contact details to marketers.

Big and small donors can avert troubles with the given tips

Avoid impulsive giving

  • Many people end up donating to groups, who have forgotten the strong and god cause.
  • Make sure to make a list and allocate specific amount to several major causes.
  • It helps to gently turn down donation requests from co-workers, friends, or neighbors that are not included in the list.

Avoid overvaluing or overpricing

Best charities get rewarded but there are some IRS rules to be followed.

  • Never expect full deduction on taxes.
  • For example, you paid $900 for fund-raising concert event but the ticket value was $300. You get to $600, which is the main amount of contribution [$900-$300].
  • Donating tanked stocks will not be helpful tax-wise.
  • Donating stocks less than a year allows deducting the amount you initially paid.
  • Holding stock for more than one year allows deducting fair market value.
  • Gifting of tangible physical property to a charity, whose mission is related then only you get deduction of fair market value. For example, donating a painting to museum that displays art to public gets full value deduction.

Charitable lead trust for gift annuities

  • Appointed trust pays a fixed amount to charity organization for specific term or life.
  • When term ends, assets get passed on to heirs or the owner.

This is the best solution for income and tax break for many givers.